· Molten Salt

      - 650-750 (deg.) F
      - Baskets 28x 36x 24
      - Parts up to 48 inches long
      - Multiple dip applications
         for extra long parts
   · Bake off
      - 800 (deg.) F
      - Two ovens
          · 84x 118x 90
          · 94x 87 X142
   · Hand Blast
      - Available for specific small
        parts applications.

Decoating Inc. offers three coating removal processes: bake-off, molten salt and blasting. We can remove most common coating including powder coat, Electrodeposition coat, various liquid paints, urethanes and chemical agent resistant coatings.

Our bake-off ovens are primarily used to clean paint racks and strip paint from rejected parts. Operating at approximately 800 F these ovens are capable of coating removal on any size part up to 84x 118x 90 inches or 94x 87x 142 inches.


The molten salt coating removal process operates in a range of 650 to 750 F. Our system will accommodate baskets of parts up to 28x 36x 24 inches and single parts as long as 48 inches. Coatings removal on parts longer than 48 inches is possible in our multiple dip application. Following this process parts are carefully rinsed and, if required, a light rust preventative may be added. All parts are also treated with a water-soluble rust inhibitor. Portions of this process are used in our fastener cleaning service.

Certain parts require a hand blast coatings removal. An aluminum oxide media removes the coating while minimizing the blast effect on the part’s surface finish. See our blasting/ descaling page to review the other types of blasting we do.

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